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Computer Forensics

Email, the Internet, computer networks, cell phones—the march of innovation has changed the world. New technologies present new risks for business, and we help companies and legal counsel manage this risk.

Here’s what our attorneys and technicians do:

  1. Identify all the potential sources of electronic evidence. This could include email, computers, networks, smart phones, PDAs, digital media, printers, devices with embedded systems and more
  2. Extract, secure and preserve the digital evidence in a court-approved manner
  3. Objectively filter and analyze the data, dissecting bits and bytes to find the germane information
  4. Our findings are developed clearly and simply so they may be easily understood
  5. We do what we say, when we say we’ll do it—at the price we quoted

Why less is more when it comes to computer forensics
Would you buy forty acres of land if you knew 95 percent of it was unusable? And would you like to pay taxes and maintenance on that land even though it’s worthless? When you fail to choose property wisely you pay a lot more per acre.

Same goes with computer forensics and data recovery. It’s about quality, not quantity. It’s a fact—more data means more sifting, sorting and searching. And since this data needs to be secured for the courts, like property taxes, you’ll pay for the unusable data long after it’s been processed.

At Forensa, we believe less is more. By surgically extracting just the data you need, searching takes less time and storage is less expensive. After all, nobody likes to pay for things they can’t use.

The wizard behind the curtain revealed
Computer forensics is a relatively new discipline that’s still highly misunderstood. And that’s just the way some providers would like to keep it. The ‘wizard behind the curtain’ can charge for their technical magic, oftentimes with no questions asked. But at Forensa, we believe just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Time to pull back the curtain and reveal the source of the wizard’s magic. You guessed it. Software. There are a few industry leading software platforms out there today. And while mastering them takes time and a lot of technical knowledge, most of them automate many of the processes computer forensics companies charge exorbitant fees for.

Processes such as data culling (removing system files), de-duping, spell-check and many other processes are automated. Sure, we want to be paid for our time, but charging thousands of dollars to literally push a button feels a little gratuitous to us.

Like to learn more about our take on computer forensics? Visit our blog.

Protect your IT staff, and your organization
Do you want your IT staff on the stand? In a CR30(B)(6) deposition that’s where they could end up if they are deemed the person (or people) with the most knowledge of the electronic information that was produced.

Even the most gifted technical guru doesn’t have the experience they need to help you succeed in court. They are more susceptible to be led down paths that imply they didn’t provide all the digital information required.

Instead, work with Forensa. We’ll help you to make sure the information provided is accurate and communicates the correct messages.

Forensa is the dependable, affordable and predictable partner you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to learn more about Forensa or to try us out on a project.