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Data Recovery

Forensa offers relentless and reliable data recovery services to IT companies that want to help their customers recover their valuable data.

Forensa does not market its data recovery services and doesn’t compete with IT companies. Instead, our services are private labeled so you can add an additional revenue stream and deepen your relationship with your customers.

We dig deeper. Our technicians are trained in the very latest data recovery techniques. When necessary, we burrow to the sector level—the ones and zeroes. In fact, we’ve been able to recover data even the database development company couldn’t recover.

No surprises. We provide accurate, upfront estimates for all data recovery projects–then we stick to them. So you won’t have to go back to your client with a bill that’s different than you promised (or have to eat the difference). 

When do you need Forensa?
Whether it’s hard drives, Exchange Servers, SQL databases, RAID data, file systems, backup tapes, or just about any other type of electronic media, we can help you help you recover lost data due to:

  • Date or file corruption
  • Inaccessible drives or partitions
  • RAID degradation, lost configuration or accidental reformatting
  • Accidental file or data deletion, including table, system objects and log files, etc.
  • Drive surface damage
  • Deleted, corrupted or overwritten file systems or media
  • Fire and/or water damage

The Forensa IT Partner Program
Want to start offering data recovery services? Frustrated with your current data recovery vendor, or maybe you just wish the work was done with your brand attached, not theirs? Turn to Forensa for a relentless and reliable data recovery partner and add a new revenue stream—all without changing the way you currently market your services.

Here’s how it works
Sign-up for the Forensa Private Label Data Recovery Program and we’ll provide you a sales sheet (with your logo not ours) for your clients. It includes a list of services, plus flat rates for the most common recovery issues.
Whenever your client needs data recovery services, you provide us with the media. If it falls outside the scope of our flat rate services, we’ll give you an upfront estimate with our wholesale rates. You decide the mark-up, not us.

Upon project completion, we’ll return the media to you. Any reports provided will include your logo on it. You get to be the hero when you recover the files your client so greatly values.
Last, you’ll never need to worry about competing with Forensa. We only offer these services through our IT Partner Program. To help you maintain your hero status, we won’t divulge our client list either.

To learn more or sign up for the Forensa IT Partner Program, contact us at or by phone at (425) 996-9528.